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Bike Trade-In

Upgrade Your Ride

Avoid the hassle of selling your old bike online - bring it to us and we'll facilitate a safe and fair trade-in, buy it outright, or set it up for consignment. You'll get cash for your used bike that you can keep, or apply to the purchase of a new bike!  Fast, convenient, and rewarding - visit us for more details.

Trade-in and Consignment Options

The Pro's Closet Trades

Kind Bikes and Skis partners with Pro's Closet to get you fast money on your trade-in.  Let us facilitate getting an offer on your trade-in bike.  It only takes a couple minutes with your bike, and we get a quote often times within minutes.  Additional bike boxing fee applies.

Kid's Trade-Up Program

Psst, parents! Amazed by how quickly your kiddo outgrows their wheels? We get it. That’s why Kind Bikes and Skis created the perfect solution to keep up with your bike-loving bean sprouts. Introducing our Kid’s Trade-Up Program!

Here’s how it works: When you bring a bike for trade-up, you’ll receive up to 50% of the original sale price towards the purchase of a new bike, minus parts and labor required to make the bike ready to sell per our certified pre-owned procedure. This special offer is good for a new/bigger kid’s bike or an adult bike if that’s the next step for the rider.

Some conditions apply:

  • Bike being traded in must be purchased from Kind Bikes and Skis within the past 2 years of trade-up date.
  • Trade-up eligible bikes include 16”, 20”, and 24” wheel bikes.
  • Trade-up credit applies to in-stock bikes and bikes that are available to order.
  • Credit must be applied to a new bike purchase.


Let us sell it for you!  We will help you place a market value on your bike, we will market and work hard to get you the most for your bike, and you decide whether you want cash (60% of sale price), or store credit towards a future purchase (70% of sale price).

The Details:

  • Bikes must be a model year of 2016 or newer.
  • Department store bikes, trikes, recumbents, and tandems are not eligible.
  • Bikes must be cleaned, properly functioning, and in safe and sellable condition.
  • Bikes requiring major service or investment to qualify for consignment shall be repaired at owner’s expense prior to entering a consignment agreement with Kind Bikes and Skis
  • The entire bike serial number must be visible, unmodified, and clearly legible. Serial number will be recorded.

Identification and other items to bring in with your bike

  • Valid Driver’s license, state issued ID, or US passport must be presented, and will be recorded.
  • Bike chargers, manuals, and other accessories to include with the bike.
  • Upgrade receipts useful in determining bike price.

Fighting Theft

  • We will record your valid driver's license number as I.D., as well as the bike's serial number
  • Consignor will sign a statement that the bike is their legal property.

Sell it to us!

Does your bike meet the consignment criteria?  Let us make you a cash offer!  Leave it with us for a day and we will work-up an offer.