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Bike Trade-In

Upgrade Your Ride

Avoid the hassle of selling your old bike online - bring it to us and we'll facilitate a safe and fair trade-in, buy it outright, or set it up for consignment. You'll get cash for your used bike that you can keep, or apply to the purchase of a new bike!  Fast, convenient, and rewarding - visit us for more details.

Trade-in and Consignment Options

The Pro's Closet Trades

Kind Bikes and Skis partners with Pro's Closet to get you fast money on your trade-in.  Let us facilitate getting an offer on your trade-in bike.  It only takes a couple minutes with your bike, and we get a quote often times within minutes.  Additional bike boxing fee applies.


Let us sell it for you!  We will help you place a market value on your bike, we will market and work hard to get you the most for your bike, and you decide whether you want cash (60% of sale price), or store credit towards a future purchase (70% of sale price).

The Details:

  • Bikes must be a model year of 2016 or newer.
  • Department store bikes, trikes, recumbents, and tandems are not eligible.
  • Bikes must be cleaned, properly functioning, and in safe and sellable condition.
  • Bikes requiring major service or investment to qualify for consignment shall be repaired at owner’s expense prior to entering a consignment agreement with Kind Bikes and Skis
  • The entire bike serial number must be visible, unmodified, and clearly legible. Serial number will be recorded.

Identification and other items to bring in with your bike

  • Valid Driver’s license, state issued ID, or US passport must be presented, and will be recorded.
  • Bike chargers, manuals, and other accessories to include with the bike.
  • Upgrade receipts useful in determining bike price.

Fighting Theft

  • We will record your valid driver's license number as I.D., as well as the bike's serial number
  • Consignor will sign a statement that the bike is their legal property.

Sell it to us!

Does your bike meet the consignment criteria?  Let us make you a cash offer!  Leave it with us for a day and we will work-up an offer.