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Tour de France - Fantasy by TissotRide the Fantasy Tour de France With Us!

Build Your Dream Team. Win Great Prizes!

Think you have what it takes to put together a winning Tour de France team? Join the Kind Bikes and Skis fantasy Tour de France and you’ll play the role of directeur sportif, choosing your all-star lineup and competing for sweet gear and bragging rights.

Signing up is free and easy - get started today!

How It Works

Join the Kind Bikes and Skis League

Use our link to participate in the Kind league so you can battle against your friends and win great prizes. You'll also be ranked among all participants in the overall league standings.

Build Your Dream Team

Pick your favorite riders and build a team of 8 cyclists before the beginning of the race, without exceeding the allocated budget.

Modify Your Team During the Race

Throughout the Tour de France, you'll be able to make changes in your team and adapt your strategy. Follow the race and demonstrate your team manager skills!

Earn Points at Each Stage

You'll gain points depending on your riders' performances during each stage of the race and their rankings in the different classifications (individual, points, climber). Of course, accumulating points is how you win the Fantasy Tour de France!

Win Great Prizes

The overall winner in the Kind Bikes and Skis league will earn $150 in-store credit, second place $100 in-store credit, and third $50 in-store credit. Plus $25 Rest Day Primes for the leading Directeur Sportif!

Ride Bikes IRL

Inspired by the fantasy challenge? Explore our selection of road bikes and visit us for a test ride today.